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I got fed up with cheap OBD readers and wanted far better equipment. I also wanted gear I could read ABS systems with. The INNOVA 3160 has the answers. It is very easy to use and to understand. I very much like the way the tool prompts you in order to get at the looked for part. The excellent screen shows you the precise information you need to make repairs. It is clear that a repair tech has been consulted in the design process. And although I haven’t tried to up-date it from the computer yet, it has all the necessary items and information with it to do so. All the ABS codes can be easily found on their website (to get the explanations). Their website is very good and helpful. One advice: throw the casing away and buy something better in which you can keep scanner, instruction book, and other materials. All in all, it’s a great scanner and well worth the dollars!

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From the early 80’s on I have had scan tools.
Older ones you had to count the check engine light flashes to get the code number (still have mine for ford / gm / chrysler). I even went as low as to use a paper clip to get the codes. Then I started with my first OBDII and it was very good (had to look the code description up in a book). Now with the CAN OBDII and error code description on screen it is a must have for anyone.
This Innova 3160 model with the ABS is a nice little touch also. Even if you don’t repair the car yourself, knowing the code & description before going to a garage allows you to know what is wrong and if they are telling you the truth or not.
Leaving the gas cap off after a fill up and having the check engine light come on can cost over 70 bucks to get the car computer reset, only a few seconds to reset with this. (some newer cars / vans don’t automatically reset like the older models cars did).
Best of all, after you repair your car being able to use the OBDII tester to verify the repair is nice.
A would say a must have for beginner / hobbiest / professional.

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It took a week of going to different sites and reading customer reviews plus time at manufactures home sites there were plenty of negative reviews on many models but on this unit the worst complaint was wanting a larger case. Like any tool it takes practice learning how to use all the info available. The ABS circuit is a plus. I own a small used car dealership but it has already paid for itself in pointing out drivability issues. Other brands had reliability issues or customer service issues but so far the Innova 3160 is a winner. The hardest part is sometimes finding the defective parts location under the hood J. I go to my local parts store as they have use of service manuals for free (chilton). I like buying from Amazon because of their willingness to work with you in the unlikely case you do have a problem.

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I have been searching for a scanner for months. This Innova 3160 is my first and I feel that the search has been worth it. In my search I compared different brands on price and ease of use (like the Actron 9580) and I found the Innova scanner much simpler to operate. If for instance you would like to get the emission status of your car, the innova already displays that informtion on the screen, while with the Actron you have to scroll through menu’s before you get to the required information. The Innova 3160 is also about 30 bucks cheaper and although the Actron is smaller, I still prefer the Innova.

I found the Innova to work with many different cars and models, e.g. a 2006 GMC savanna, a 2002 Isuzu rodeo, a 2001 sequioa, a 1999 venture and a 2001 Dodge ram van. I have yet to find a car it doesn’t scan. The scanner is also very intuitive, I mean I only had to open the manual 2 times… Another great feature is the live data feed. This is great when diagnosing, for instance with sensor voltage.

Bottom line is that you won’t be disappointed. It’s a great buy for your money. Amazon offers this very cheap, compared to other outlets.

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This review is to express my overwhelming satisfaction with the Innova 3160 scan tool. The 3160 is Innova’s current top of the line OBD II scan tool. Innova has several models and I would review the features before purchasing a particular model or scan tool to make sure it meets your needs and expectations. It is only for vehicles from 1996 and later. To be frank, I still haven’t used all of the features, But then again, it is very simple to use. I bought mine because I had the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) illuminate and stay on in my old 2001 Sable. It was also getting terrible gas mileage, and that at $3.00 a gallon! A Mercury dealer told me it needed $1200 worth of repairs. Yeah, as if! A search on the internet led me to scan tools as a method of figuring out the problem. I thought $200 is substantially less then $1200! I connected the 3160 to my Sable and did a Key On Engine Off (KOEO) test. In less than 10 seconds it came back with a “401” code. A bit more research on the internet resulted in a recommendation to replace the DPFE (EGR) sensor. And so I sat to work; an hour or so of time and a $36 part did the trick! Problem solved. Exhilarating! $236 spent instead of $1200 AND a great scanner!


With cars like mine you must be able to do a lot of tuning yourself.
Have you ever thought of the Equus Innova 3160 Scan Tool?
I my experience on of the best around! Happy user of innova 3160.


Hi, my name is Rick. I have found out that my garage either knows very well what they’re doing, or that they don’t know squid. To well if they charge me for stuff they haven’t done, or very bad because they charge me for stuff they haven’t done. So I took the reins in my own hands, bought a scanner and checked the engine over myself. And only one or two small defects turned up, which I was able to change myself, with great ease. The price I paid for the defective parts was $ 47,35. One or two more of these and the scanner will have paid for itself!! Oh, the name of the scanner? The Innova 3160!


Great stuff and thanks lot. Really interesting posts to read, so inbetween  one of those might be this one: Have you ever gone to the garage with the words: “there’s something wrong with my car”? And what did the bill look like afterwards? I’m sure a lot had to be changed, lots of problems were discovered. And every garage is of course as good as gold. Yeah, I believe that, ahum. Nothing against the proper garage’s naturally. However, what would you say to the garage, if you’d have checked your car at home and knew, just knew what the problem was? Sometimes you wouldn’t even go to the garage, other than to get a replacement part, which you might be able to get somewhere else as well. If you did go to the garage however, you might say: “Part such and such is broken. Can you replace it?” Now that would not give a “cowboy” much leeway to change all kinds of other parts. And I’m sure the bill would reflect that. Well, this can be done. There are all kinds of scanners on the market, that will give you, in more or less detail, the part or parts in your car that is/are malfunctioning. The best scanner there is for this job is the equus Innova 3160. If you are slightly tired of the amounts you have to fork out for repairs to your car, then this might be a terrific solution!


Absolutely fabulous. And no hidden agenda either. Just look at the garages these days (not all). Some will charge you for work that wasn’t carried out. But how about changing a small defective part yourself? Most part are just plug and play, so why pay the garage to do that? You’d need to know what part to replace though obviously, and that’s where this scanner comes in. And you can buy the parts almost anywhere (perhaps even from your garage ). What hourly rate do they charge again??

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